How to get Featured on Blogs

Whats good? This comes to you from Symphonic Distribution Be sure to take some notes and if you have any question just put hem in the comments. Once you’ve learn how to get music on blogs, click here to create some music to send to them.

connection in the music industry

How To Make Connections In The Music Industry

One thing matters more in the music industry than an alluring vocal or top-notch songwriting prowess- connections. The music industry is like a wild universe and going at it solo can be a lonely and eerie adventure. Who you know matters more than what you know. Music is a business and like any other business,…


Build a fan base like Chance the Rapper

I came across this video last night while i was on YouTube. It talks about how to build a fan base in 7 step. Brandman Sean used Chance the Rapper as any example of someone who has built a  fan base. Go ahead play the video and check out some of the “secrets” (LOL) Chance…

Content Strategy for Rappers

Make a massive difference for any rappers/artists that are trying to really get out there. Put out content! A lot of it… Every song you put out is another at-bat where you get the chance to really blow up, you need to take advantage of that. If You like this info and want more, Click…